Cost of treatment

BIRD receives no statutory funding and relies entirely upon donations from families and from charitable trusts and companies to continue its work.  The cost of a year’s treatment at the Centre is £1300 for each child or adult.
To support our work, we request an initial donation of £50 at the start of the treatment programme at the initial consultation.  After this initial appointment, we invite all families to make a voluntary donation at each therapy appointment towards the cost of their treatment.
However, we do recognise that families have different levels of financial pressure on their income – so we leave the level of voluntary donation to the discretion of each family.
It is only through the generosity of our patients and their families that we are able to continue to help as many families as we do – and we work hard to keep all costs to an absolute minimum.
Many families find they are also able to help our work in other ways, once they have seen for themselves the remarkable results we are able to achieve – helping our work in kind, in organising fundraising initiatives on our behalf, or in supporting our dedicated fundraising staff in raising funds, for example.