Including BIRD in a will

By remembering BIRD in their wills, people helping the organisation to continue its life-changing work into the future.

Ideally, people tell us that they have made a bequest in their will at the time they make it. In this way, we get to hear about what has moved someone to remember us many years before their death, which in turn helps motivate staff and volunteers and helps the whole organisation plan ahead.

Making a will

Making a will is a straightforward task for most people, but around 70% of people in the UK still die “intestate” i.e. without having made a will. When a person dies intestate, the law decides how the assets are inherited.

Many people who do make a will and decide to remember a chosen charity – do so for tax efficiency as gifts to charities are tax exempt. The legacy reaches the charity through a specified gift or a residuary will, where the remainder of an estate comes to the organisation after all other disbursements have been made.

Writing a will is especially important if you have children or others dependent on you for whom you need to appoint a guardian. A will makes life so much better for those left behind in more ways than one.

To leave a bequest in your will, please contact the Centre by mail, e-mail, or phone for a free guide.

Tel: 01244 678629