Our History

From the very start in 1982, our aim was to offer our treatment programme ‘developmental reflexive rehabilitation’ to all who could benefit.

Since then, we have treated thousands of children and adults, radically improving the lives of over 90% of the people we have treated. Often, the changes in people have been nothing sort of transformational.

Our small charity and its work gradually began to become known amongst professionals as the profound improvements in patients’ conditions spoke for themselves.

More treatment rooms were soon needed and in 1989 a grant enabled BIRD to refurbish and expand the centre to provide more treatment rooms and extra facilities. The refurbished BIRD Centre was opened formally by His Grace the Duke of Westminster, in 1992.

Then in 2007,  BIRD moved to its current location in the beautiful village of Eccleston near Chester; the Centre was opened by His Grace, the Duke of Westminster.

Today, the BIRD Centre covers two distinctly separate areas of work:

The work done with all forms of neurological impairment and brain injury.

Learning Development work to treat children who are failing educationally due to any of a variety of conditions, or with no obvious cause.

BIRD has increased the numbers of patients it can treat through employing professional personnel with a background in psychology, physiotherapy & speech & language therapy.  In many cases, the families of our patients have been told that nothing more could be done to help; thankfully BIRD can often help these patients who are then able to make further improvements and develop way beyond previous expectations.