Our Work

Being told that your child may have a neurological disorder is an earth shattering experience for any parent.

At BIRD, we offer genuine hope for improvement when all hope seems lost.

BIRD works to improve the lives of children & adults with learning difficulties and also people who have brain injuries. We work with people of all ages – but most of the people we treat are children, some of whom have complex needs, whilst others have mild learning or behavioural difficulties.
We help children with dyslexia, autism and learning difficulties, for example, as well as people with acquired brain injury due to a stroke or physical injury.

We also work in cooperation with schools and parents to improve the communication, behaviour and academic performance of children experiencing difficulty in mainstream education.

For almost all of the people we treat, it was previously thought that no further improvement was possible and all avenues available via health services had been fully explored. Nevertheless, we markedly and measurably improve the lives of just over 90% of the people we treat.

The kind of comment we receive from the parents of children whose lives have been transformed is: “If only we could have found BIRD sooner. Why don’t more people know about your work?”

Here, you can learn about our unique work and read or watch the experiences of people we’ve been able to help.

If you feel able to support our work in any way – then we would love to hear from you.