Welcome to a series of webcasts – short video clips providing information and support to families and professionals.

Our second webcast discusses the assessment process and the appointments families need to attend.

If you would like to learn more about Irlen Syndrome and how BIRD assesses for Irlen Syndrome, this webcast will tell you more.

Many families experience challenges with their child co-operating with the therapy programme – in this webcast two families discuss the challenges they faced.

Alison Buckley, Speech & Language Therapist talks about recognising social communication difficulties in our next webcast.

In our webcast, we learn more about the role of a school’s SENCO, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and how BIRD works with schools.

Two parents share their experience of the BIRD therapy programme and the impact it has had for their child and family.

Find out more about BIRD’s project in the Oldham area…..

The difference BIRD makes told through the eyes of a Headteacher….

In this short webcast, we explore language development in young children …..

In this webcast a Mum talks of the difference the therapy has made to her daughter who has cerebral palsy….

Experiencing a stroke can be life-changing.  In this webcast, Alison talks about the stroke she experienced and how BIRD has helped her.