Support through eBay

If you sell anything on the online auction site eBay, it’s easy to make sure BIRD benefits via a small percentage contribution.

eBay for Charity allows you to donate a percentage of your sale price to the charity of your choice. You list the item as usual, then select BIRD as your chosen charity and the amount you’d like to give, and the rest happens automatically.

To set up a donation through your eBay account:

  1. Go to the sell tab to start listing your item
  2.  Choose the ‘Advanced sell’ option.
  3. Enter your sale item details as usual
  4. Near the bottom, in the ‘Raise money for your favourite charity’ panel, click ‘select another charity’.
  5.  Type B.I.R.D. into keyword search in the window that pops up and select us. You can also search by postcode – CH4 9HT for ‘BIRD’ if you have trouble finding us.
  6. Next, simply choose your donation percentage – anything from 10% to 100% of your final selling price and complete your listing as usual!

The donation will be taken automatically when the auction has finished, and transferred to BIRD.

If you’d like more information, please click the link below to find out more about eBay for charity.

Thank you.