‘Brighter Start’ project – Oldham

A ‘Brighter Start’ for Children in Oldham

BIRD has been working with primary schoolchildren in Oldham for over 10 years – much of this work being funded by the Big Lottery.

Thanks to this funding, the lives of over 350 children have been radically improved – and the wider effect this success has on family, friends and school life can’t be overstated.

You can read an independent report on our work here:

BIRD Research Study Summary 2012

The Big Lottery has been impressed with our work with schools & parents in Oldham and has agreed to provide funding for a further four years from September, 2018 for early intervention with young children who are showing signs of communication / behavioural and/or learning difficulties through our ‘Brighter Start’ project.

There is a wealth of evidence to demonstrate that the earlier children can be assisted, the more profoundly beneficial the results will be for their future development.

BIRD’s unique work in Oldham is truly ground-breaking and offers a unique way to encourage and assist children whose way of learning may be different from many other children – or who are struggling to cope with early school years. This work is overseen by parents from local communities – many of whose children have benefitted.

Anyone wishing to find out more about our work in Oldham should get in touch by calling 01244 678629 or emailing admin@birdcharity.org.uk

We would like to extend our thanks to the Big Lottery for their continuing support.