Who is suitable for BIRD’s approach?

At B.I.R.D., treatment is suitable for both children and adults, with mild to severe neurological conditions; which may be present as a result of an acquired brain injury or specific learning difficulty, such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.  B.I.R.D. also regularly works with children and adults for whom there is no formal diagnosis.  Many of B.I.R.D.’s patients attend mainstream schools with no educational statement, or are in full time college/employment.  Using B.I.R.D.’s unique treatment methods, neurological dysfunctions underlying a person’s condition are indentified and resolved.

Some of the most commonly reported symptoms upon commencing treatment include:

342871-1246-31Learning Difficulties

imagesCAOYLNLJSocial Interaction Difficulites

 Web_clumsy_kid1Gross Motor Difficulties

how-to-tie-your-shoelaces_WidePlayerFine Motor Difficulties

images 22Poor self care skills

images 222Emotional/behavioural issues

CommunicationMainImage1Speech & communication difficulty

images 33Reduced health