Regular donations

Regular donations by standing order, however small they may be, are a perfect way of pledging your support for our work as they help us plan for the future with more confidence.

You decide how much money you’d like to donate and whether it is taken monthly, quarterly or yearly. All money donated in this way goes directly to support our work in treating people affected by brain injuries of all types.

“Working with BIRD has changed many aspects of Jamie’s life. When we started, Jamie had difficulty writing; he found dressing difficult and was unable to use a bike or a swing. Within a few months of starting treatment, we saw improvements in most of these areas. Now, 18 months later, Jamie can ride a bike, swim and use a swing. He writes proficiently and has started drawing, something he always avoided before. He can dress himself and seems happier and more relaxed. Attending BIRD has had a huge impact on Jamie and on our family. Thanks for everything.”

We are a small team but with a big determination to support families needing our help – help make that possible – THANK YOU!