Supporting language development..

Language learning develops from birth. Young babies are aware of sounds, they listen and can cry or be startled by unexpected noises. Young babies make sounds to different situations such as a cry to say ‘I am hungry’ or a cry to say ‘I am in pain’ and learn to turn when you are speaking.

There are many stages to learning ‘receptive language’ – learning to listen and understand. Equally there are different stages of learning ‘expressive language’ – learning to speak and use language.

At BIRD we see many children of all ages who have communication difficulties.

Here in this short webcast, Alison, our Speech & Language Therapist explains language development in young children and the stages and milestones we expect a child to reach.

If you are concerned about your child’s communication skills or language development – please do get in touch. At BIRD we offer a tailored therapy programme in addition to courses to aid parent’s understanding and strategies to support their child.